Special Features

Special Features



Finding great opportunities for new encounters and business
SEMICON Japan Special Events

Thank you for your participation at SEMICON Japan 2018.

- The following information is about 2018 event and it will be updated for 2019 event by October.  -


SMART Applications ゾーン

Find the technologies that are shaping the future.
New SMART Applications ZONE
will connect SMART industries with semiconductor supply chain.


Featured Exhibits

SMART Transportation

Innovation in various transportation systems, especially automobile technology, continues to evolve.


More fun, more do sports!! 
Experience the fusion of sports and science and technology.
Measure the mechanism and the phenomenon of sports by the various sensors.


Meet the robots and discover new!


Supporting young employees and students as they head into the future, and fostering a new generation of human resources.


Innovation Village

Exhibition, Pitch contest (short presentation), and Meet-up reception are combined together to connect innovative ideas and vitalities of Start-ups to this industry.  You will discover the investments or technology partnerships here! 



Besides regular exhibits, country/region/organization pavilions will drive a global industry networking and bring energy to the show floor of SEMICON Japan 2018.

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