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Advances in microelectronics that support the IoT revolution start with continual innovations in semiconductor manufacturing devices, components, and materials. Process, manufacturing, production, components, and material technologies that improve performance, increase speed, and reduce the cost of semiconductor devices, are assembled, with international microelectronics industries linked to exhibitors at the Manufacturing Innovation Pavilion. This represents the optimal site for showcasing related products and technologies, such as flexible electronics. 

Exhibitor List

Manufacturing Innovation Pavilion Exhibitor List >>>

Exhibition Target Area and Products

Technologies related to manufacturing in the microelectronics area are widely solicited.

  • Advanced lithography: EUV, nanoimprint, DSA, multi-patterning

  • Advanced mounting technology, 2.5d, 3D IC: TSV, plating

  • Production management systems & solutions: Defect control and inspections, yield management, automation

  • Precision work technology, special materials: Non-magnetic, lightweight, heat-resistant, corrosion-proof, particle countermeasures

  • Flexible electronics, OLED, LED, and related technologies: Manufacturing technologies, devices, materials

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